(aka Reyvolution)

It’s is time for a revolution…

Not with guns, bullets, bloodshed, or violence.

But with love, appreciation, and engagement.

It’s time for a revolution…

To overthrow what confines our minds…

To exile negativity within in and around us.

It’s time for a revolution…

And it starts with an awakening of you.

No longer will we rest until we achieve success.

For success depends on the constructs of our mind.

No longer will we wait for the right moment

For the moment is now and we must move forward.

No longer will we dwell on the negativity of others

For negativity undefined does not exist.

It’s time for a revolution….

And awaken the giant within us.

For what we conceive in our thoughts

We believe in our hearts

And we achieve in our lives.

It’s time for a revolution…

To rebuild our lives and the lives around us

To take back our dreams and accomplish them

To conquer our fears and share our love

To challenge the status quo and make a difference

It’s time for a revolution

And choice not chance creates destiny.

We must choose to be awesome

We must choose to follow our hearts each and every day.

We must choose to surround ourselves with possibility

We must choose to claim our wonderful destiny.

It’s time for a revolution!!!

And you have two choices…

One…Join us and live in a world of possibilities

Or Two…get out of our way.


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“After all, we make ourselves according to the ideas we have of our possibilities.” ― V.S. Naipaul

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