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As a child, our dreams were more exciting, daring, and imaginative.  As we progress with age, our dreams become confined by the cultural, social, and economical influence around us.  Then we get so caught up with trying to catch up that we beg for a break from the relentless cycle of work and an unending to do list.

The secret for breaking the “work and to-do cycle” is simple.  All you need to do is “click refresh”…or in other words, find time for your happiness by having a wonderful time alone, taking a short break to reflect on the good things in your life, or spending time with those close to you to rejuvenate.

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.” – Buddha

Don’t you wish that sometimes you could click a refresh button on your life, similar to the way you could on a computer screen?  Actually, everyone has a refresh button…the only thing is that most of them forgot where it is or are in denial of its existence.

To be able to find that button, we need to acknowledge that a debilitating cycle exists and that we often get caught up and make excuses for being busy that we lose ourselves in the muck.

The next step would be to do something that makes us happy or at least calm the mind and mediate on the good things in our life.  And of course to review the dreams we had as a child and choose which one of those dreams we could accomplish in the next week, month, or even year.

The final step is to share your dreams with others because by declaring your intentions, it cements your destiny.  And the world will move aside for those who know what they want.  Upon completion of the final step, you repeat the first step.

In short, by doing the steps, you are creating a new cycle that is bigger, brighter, and more vibrant than the “work and to do cycle” that your work and to do cycle will shift into a new paradigm and “work” and “to-do” will no longer be business as usual.


  • What dreams do you want to fulfill and what is stopping or slowing you down?
  • What can be done to refresh our minds to see the world through renewed lenses?
  • How can we slow down the “busyness” of life to enjoy self-awareness?
  • Do we work to live or live to work? Why do we think that way?



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