Be Present.

The past is the past and the future is not guaranteed.  Why must we dwell on the negative things that has happened or be anxious about the negative thing that may happen?  Time is a constant.  Time favors no one.  Time stops for no one.

Time is a precious resource and should be spent on lessons learned, hope for a better tomorrow, and being PRESENT in the PRESENT.  After all, next time is now.  Someday is now.  Today is now.

Thriving and enjoying the pleasures of the present will take your perspective to a whole new level.  By being in the present and engaging in the present…we experience the awesomeness that life has to offer.  The awesomeness that is you!

“Don’t let the past steal your present.” – Cherralea Morgen


  1. Have you ever been aware that  you were stuck in the past? How did you get unstuck?
  2. What are the challenges of being in the present?
  3. Is it easier to live in the past or day-dream in the future?
  4. What do you do to stay in the present and find your center?

5 thoughts on “Be Present.

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  1. You inspired me to journal these questions, can I include this blog post link in my Saturday journal post to give you credit? Thank you. As always I enjoy reading your content to help me be mindful/reflect on myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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